A Smart Method to Discover and Exploit Chances

CHANGCE-thinking is a mindset, which concentrates on future and chance orientation, encouraging the rethinking of existing habits, established processes and rigid structures. It is the foundation for constructive change, which starts in the brain.

As always, this is easier said than done. This new way of thinking does not simply establish by itself. These chances have to be created and we need a starting impulse & a systematic framework, to give guidance and foster sustainable results…

From Focusing on Problems and Risks to Thinking in Chances

Taking New Paths

CHANGCE-thinking disregards the analysis of problems and rather focuses on identifying undiscovered chances and exploiting them in practice. This means taking a positive approach from the beginning, encouraging vitality and motivation. With one eye on the identified chances the strategic groundwork for the future of the organisation is laid, which later on translates into the formulation and implementation of tasks and projects.

The methods of CHANGCE thinking ensure that all of our potentials work together in harmony – intellect, creativity through intuition, tapping of our subconscious and the ability to interact benevolently. This is how CHANGCE-thinking distinguishes itself from common practices, which focus solely on the intellectual dimension.


Discovering Chances Playfully

Video currently only available in German.

As a child we learned everything in a playful manner. Why not transfer this concept – at least from time to time – to our jobs? In the game new perspectives are considered and new methods of stimulation are created, which we rarely experience.

The CHANGCE-Game broadens the horizon, provokes creativity, sets impulses and brings fresh wind into matters, unites, unleashes energy and wakes the urge to implement.