Chances are like rough diamonds. Once processed they are extremely valuable. How can we revolutionise our attitude towards chances and the changes they imply? We dream of chances, seldomly of change or transformation. However, it seems illogical to leave thinking in chances unfinished. Primarily, because a chance will always remain one if nothing is done with it. Chances only exist in combination with action. Like a diamond in the rough that has little value if not processed, once cut and polished professionally its value increases immensely. Why? Because it has undergone change. If not or wrongly processed, worst case is it becomes worthless. Dealt with and finished properly it turns into a true gem! The same goes for chances.

Utilising chances

To set the mood: In times of the New Economy, digital transformation, globalisation, knowledge about climate change and its impact, awareness of limited resources and the implied chances (if need be, let us call them challenges) we count on CHANGCE-thinking. We can train this preventively and if the situation calls for it, due to arising chances, successfully execute and master it. At the beginning, we consider a radical rethinking, from thinking in problems to thinking in chances – the trendsetter of “New Business” for decades to come.

The old, paranoid, fear driven thinking, the constant sceptical, pessimistic questioning and scrutinising does not only hinder but in the worst case obstruct the taking of chances. We unnecessarily waste our time and energy persuading the ones who smother growth and fuel concern, often lobbyists of the old school of thought. Well aware, that this is not their intention. Until finally, they realise it cannot be stopped – a novelty or change.

By now, it should have made its way around, that hiding in the 20th century is not an alternative to arriving in the 21st. Time and time again due to fear, lethargy, comfort and automated stubbornness, which have always served as the emergency break for the unteachable. In the last years, we have gone off to contact others, who like us are convinced that thinking in chances or CHANGCE-thinking not only impact our (work) life but shape it positively. Thinking, acting and living for those who wish to do so autonomously, flexibly, creatively and cooperatively. The philosopher R. D. Precht revealed: „There are two state of minds I refuse to accept: pessimism and conservatism.”1

We follow a similar philosophy:

… we wish for visions of a future-oriented economy, which do not revolve around fears, problems and concerns. But rather ones that combine optimism, enthusiasm, desire and passion powerfully and without predisposition. To make such a vision reality, we offer CHANGCE-thinking. To find out, if you even want or require such a concept, we invented the CHANGCE-Game as a kick-off. It is not just a game, rather the first step towards a new attitude. A new mindset.


[1] Richard David Precht

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