EuroSPI 2017

The EuroSPI 20171 (European System, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation) took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic this year, from September 5th-7th. Today the EuroSPI initiative looks back upon 24 years of tradition, entails a steadily growing community from more than 28 nations and with its annually held conferences in Europe and Asia attracts hundreds of visitors from the industry, academia and research.

The first day at the EuroSPI 2017 tipically consists of four parallel all day workshops. Workshop 1 (GamifySPI) adressed the issues of Gamification, Serious Gaming und Gaming Simulation, in other words, the application of playful elements in new settings.

CHANGCE-thinking would become the topic twice on this day. To comlpiment our paper „CHANGCE-thinking – a ludic kick-off to chance orientation”2 in the Conference Proceedings, an introductory  presentation was held before noon.

In the afternoon the CHANGCE-Game took the spotlight. With a group of 8 individuals (observed by the other workshop participants) one round of the board game was simulated based on a vision that had been developed the year before in Graz, Austria (EuroSPI 2016). The basic scenario consisted of the reality of university education in software engineering, taking a hypothetical university into consideration.

The course of the game began with questions to the rules, comprehension of the roles. grasping the difficulty of acting a character and empathizing with a virtual organisation. After a few turns, however, the participants quickly engaged into the interactive process, exchanging estimates, statements, opposing arguments and new ideas, evenly sharing time of speech.

Although only 45 minutes were played, the first creative approaches for future methods of working were derived, among these: the development of lecture and seminar structures to adapt to a student’s biorhythm or the use of media and new technologies for exams.


In all, the participants and observers went home with a convincing impression of the game’s potential for a day’s use in a real organisation – keeping in mind the energy needed and the fun that can be had while working.


See CHANGCE Powerpoint Präsentation

Read “CHANGCE-thinking – a ludic kick-off to chance orientation”:

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