How do we develop the skill to identify and exploit chances and change potential successfully?

Professional athletes and artists, such as musicians, train and exercise their basic skills daily. How is this handled in enterprises and organisations? A core aspect and a central question is the following: How do we develop a consciousness, that the creation of a prosperous future firstly involves training and hard work and secondly the generation and exploitation of chances and change potential?

Our reflections in this context go something like this: What is the use of improving efficiency in areas such as innovation & change and thereby generating higher complexity? Why not incorporate a notion of joy and fun? By the way, if fun and work don’t go together in your opinion, we don’t recommend continuing to read this article. For a while now, business has stopped focusing solely on efficiency and profit maximization. The new perspective addresses a new mindset towards work and how employees should approach it.

Chronicle: CHANGCE-thinking is used and implemented by our customers to motivate and qualify their companies, organisations and surroundings for chance creation. We profit from the fact, that CHANGCE-thinking, as opposed to a new idea, has already established itself as an innovation. That is, a method successfully implemented in practice, a process which has already proven stable and a tool that has time and again introduced and established a culture of thinking in chances.

Circumstances change every day and with these the basics for business. Novelty arises continuously, in short periods of time, countless ideas can turn into innovative business models, others disappear from the market. This calls for a new mentality in order to recognize what value creation will and could look like in the future. How do we obtain the capability to recognize and make use of the potential that chances and change provide? Usually, it requires a new awareness and new “playing rules”.

Our thought process: How, when, where and who can profit from successful chance and future-oriented projects? Could it work through a new way of thinking? Thinking in chances perhaps? The greatest enemy of change is the fear of change itself. May the present be everlasting! In our bureaucratic world, with its obsession for security, visions, ideas, ingenious thoughts and creativity do not have their place. The result is that our curiosity, our spirit for creation, the basis for every innovation, has vanished.

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