Some people earn their salary by uncovering problems and eliminating these. Others do so by identifying chances and exploiting them. Where do you see yourself? Keyword “German Angst”. “We Germans are a folk of the worrisome, do not live through a day without existential fear and hate change,” wrote the author Harald Czycholl. And other countries think the same of us.


Current statistics of market analysts confer. Not long ago the fear of climate change was in first place. This has now been dethroned. At the top of this ranking lies the fear of too high taxes, caused by the immense financial expenses for terrorism and its victims; refugees. This would remain so. A couple of years ago the worry for world peace was the frontrunner. We have already feared obligatory seat belts in cars, dying of domestic forests, and the “yellow danger” or the advance of the Chinese. However, the greatest fear of all has always been the concern for money. Especially inflation has been at the top of the podium for years. Since 2011, the devaluation of money has been replaced by the “Euro Crisis”. In recent years a special species of fear attitude has evolved, the “helicopter parents”.

Nowadays, international terrorism claims the top. It fills the media, society, politics, nearly all discussions and unfortunately the thoughts of most.


This shows how fatal fear can be. This relates to big and small matters. Private and Job. This culture of fear has already conquered all areas of life of us Germans. Less “German Angst” would have made us a lot more creative, passionate and successful in all domains in terms of happiness. The majority of “experts” and the media warn us about new dangers, problems and risks. Even if these are difficult to identify and detect. This is a downward spiral. It has to be stopped. Now. In our minds. With a different mindset. Everyone can do it. Let’s just begin in our private lives. To be continued at the workplace. We can choose between living in the old world full of problems or the new one full of chances. All individuals can decide for themselves to either nourish chances and let problems wither or the other way around. “Free your mind!” CHANGCE-thinking is the difference between searching for problems and finding chances.

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